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The second Oskar Fischinger DVD   


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2nd dvdThe second Oskar Fischinger DVD - December 30, 2017 release. Contains Composition in Blue, Muratti greift ein, Study no. 8, Study no. 5, Study no 2, An American March, Squares, Coloratura, Swiss Trip (Rivers and Landscapes), Pierrette I, newly restored animation tests from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, home movies, and more. New restored prints and HD transfers. NTSC, DVD. A CVM release, 2017. $30 private home use, $200 institutions. Does not include public performance rights; contact us if you need to purchase streaming rights for individual films.

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new dvd dockumbelsonbute

CVM DVD: Visual Music 1947-1986, from CVM archive (2017 release). 13 rare films by Jordan Belson, Mary Ellen Bute, Jules Engel, Charles Dockum and Barry Spinello. Featuring pre-computer abstraction, using a variety of techniques including early oscilloscope experiments, color organs, hand-drawn sound, animation drawn directly on film, painted scrolls, and optical printing. Films from the archive of Center for Visual Music. "We need a new kinetic, visual art form - one that unites sound, color and form." - Mary Ellen Bute, 1936. NTSC, region-free, 78 minutes. ISBN 978-0-9764320-0-5. Images above from Charles Dockum, Jordan Belson and Mary Ellen Bute films. Title list, film notes and more here

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Private home use $30

Institutions $200. Contact us if you need to purchase streaming rights.  Classroon and library use only.Does not include rights for any public exhibition or screenings




new lye dvd Colour Box: 19 Films from Len Lye (2016 release). 19 films, made between 1929 to 1979. The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Len Lye Foundation and Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision launch the first comprehensive DVD collection of experimental films by Len Lye. Features Tusalava (1929), A Colour Box (1935), Rainbow Dance (1936), N or NW (1937), Trade Tattoo (1937), Free Radicals (1958), Colour Cry (1952), Particles in Space (1979), and more, plus early stop-motion films Experimental Animation (1933) and Birth of a Robot (1936). Several lesser-known films appear in restored form, including Life’s Musical Minute (1953) and the majestic All Souls Carnival (1957). $30, PAL, very limited quantity. Includes booklet on Lye and the films.  Does not include rights for public exhibition out of stock


Jordan Belson: 5 Essential Films DVD (2007). Contains Allures, Samadhi, Light, Fountain of Dreams (never before released) and Epilogue. 1961 - 2005. "Jordan Belson is one of the greatest artists of visual music. Belson creates lush vibrant experiences of exquisite color and dynamic abstract phenomena evoking sacred celestial experiences." (Film historian William Moritz). Curated by Belson, Produced/Released by CVM, 2007. NTSC, Region-free. Approx 45 mins. More information about the films on the DVD is here

"These five films by Jordan Belson, representing his early, middle, and later periods, are essential for three reasons: the early classics were breakthrough masterpieces, the previously unreleased "Fountain of Dreams" is a dazzling revelation from the middle period, and the shimmering "Epilogue" from 2005 makes it clear that the master still has the spark of genius, breathing new life into the vocabulary he has developed over more than a half-century of visionary filmmaking." - Film Historian Gene Youngblood



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Private home use ONLY, $30.  No public exhibition or use online is permitted

Institutions $200 (For classroom and library use only. Does not include public performance rights, may not be used for public screenings or any type of museum/gallery exhibitions. By ordering you agree to these terms)


of dvd Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films DVD (2006) CVM Release

Films include Spirals, Study Nr. 6, Study Nr. 7, Kreise (Circles), Allegretto, Radio Dynamics, Motion Painting no. 1; plus three of Fischinger's very first films: Wax Experiments, Spiritual Constructions, and Walking from Munich to Berlin. Bonus features include Home Movies from Fischinger's Berlin Studio c. 1931, never-released early experiments and animation tests, a selection of paintings and photographs, film notes and a biography. NTSC, region-free. $30 private home use, $225 institutions. Contact us if you need to purchase streaming rights for individual films.  (For classroom and library use only. Does not include public performance rights, may not be used for public screenings or museum/gallery exhibitions)


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Private home use ONLY, $30. No other permissions are included, no public exhibition permitted.

Purchase for University or Library use: $200. Use this link to order for institutions, with a limited educational license (classroom and library use only, no other public performance or exhibition rights included)



81 minute DOCUMENTARY on DVD: LUMIA: Thomas Wilfred and The Story of Light Art

Lumia is the story of Thomas Wilfred and the birth of light art. Wilfred captivated audiences throughout the 1920's and 30's with his sensational projected light shows, named Lumia. Wilfred spent his later years making automated versions of his work and executing commissions for private collectors and museums. Includes segments on artists Charles Dockum, Chris Sidenius, Mary Hallock Greenewalt, and Earl Reiback. Includes a brief clip from CVM's restoration of a 1952 Dockum Mobilcolor performance film.

FEATURING Interviews with and commentary by: Craig Antrim, Kerry Brougher, Fred Collopy, Dorothy Conway, Greta Dockum, Eugenia Victoria Ellis, A.J. Epstein, Eugene Epstein, Nancy Frederick, Lawrence Friedman, Hal Glicksman, Robert Haller, Cindy Keefer, Richard Land, Terry Montlick, Otto Piene, Earl Reiback, Jack Shor, Kathleen Sciacca, Christian Sidenius, Steve Smith, George Stadnik, Donna Stein, Karole Vail, Judith Zilczer. Directed by Meredith Finkelstein and Paul Vlachos, 13Bit Prods.. 81 mins, 2008 release. OUT OF STOCK


Private home use $30.         Institutions $100. (Classroom and Library Use, does not include public performance rights)


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