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Baily DVD cover

Coming in April: Richard Baily (and John Buchanan). Experiments in Spore. Includes Xtacism and aura, plus Baily's Cal Arts film Night Waves (1977). aura was completed posthumously. $25 private home use, $100 institutions.

Clip from Night Waves on



Richard Reeves : a compilation of cameraless animation-films. NTSC DVD. Includes Linear Dreams, Garbanzo, Zig Zag, Sea Song, 1:1, Element of Light. 30 minutes of animations plus extras including a slide show, a rare animatic,  an insert describing what the films are about and how they were made. NTSC, Region 0. $20 private home use, $100 institutions. 

Article by William Moritz at Animation World Network, The Film Strip Tells All, about Reeve's Linear Dreams

Private home use $20          Institutions $100 (Classroom and Library Use only, does not include public performance rights).      


Scott Draves, Spotworks DVD. 87 minutes of hypnotic retinal bliss by San Francisco VJ/software artist Spot aka Scott Draves. Includes looping tracks with solid backgrounds for use by VJs and progressive scan for videophile quality playback. Imagery is all open source. "With the spiked eye candy and fractal arabesques of Spotworks, Scott Draves has significantly raised the bar on digital psychedelia and the broader category of abstract animation." --Erik Davis, contributing writer to Wired Magazine. DVD, NTSC.




Semiconductor: worlds in flux (2007). A DVD of Short Films, Art-works, Music Videos and Live Cinema Documentation

Semiconductor are artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt who make stunning, cutting-edge digital artworks in the form of sound-films, music videos and live animation. Guided by obsessive interests in landscape, architecture, geography, chaos / systems theory and artificial life forms, they explore the potential of the computer to unite sound and image (sounds generating and controlling imagery; and vice versa). What's revealed are physical worlds in flux - cities in motion; shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Hugely original and immensely creative, Semiconductor approach each project from a fresh angle, always looking to extend themselves and to break new ground. They have exhibited their work in gallery installations, at festivals and in live / club environments; and have been awarded numerous fellowships, prizes and residencies, notably as artists in residence at the NASA Space Sciences Laboratory UCB. This DVD offers a comprehensive overview of their work over the past five years. Contains 13 films: 1 Brilliant Noise 2 The Sound of Microclimates 3 múm-Green Grass of Tunnel 4 Inaudible Cities 5 Strata 6 qt-qqq 7 Mini Epochs 8 Sonic Inc (extracts) 9 Digital Anthrax 10 Earthquake Films 11 Do You Think Science... 12 All the Time in the World 13 Double Adaptor-200 Nanowebbers. DVD, Dual sided (PAL/NTSC), Region-free, 2007 release.

Private home use or educational purchase, $20 temporarily out of stock



Guy Sherwin, Optical Sound Films 1971-2007. PAL DVD set with 128 page booklet by Guy Sherwin. LUX London Release, 2008. Optical Sound Films explores in detail one of British artist Sherwin's particular and recurrent concerns, the synaesthesic relationship between sound and image manifest in the material of film sound. These investigations take Sherwin from physical manipulation of the very material of film through to live performances utilising multiple film projectors, all of which are explicated through drawings, diagrams, video documentation as well the films themselves. DVD contains numerous films plus some documentations of his live performances, plus booklet.

Contents: Films: Phase Loop (1971), Sound Shapes (1972), Cycles 1(1972/1977), Newsprint (1972), At the Academy (1974), Soundtrack (1977), Musical Stairs (1977), Railings (1977), Night Train (1979), Interval (1974), Interval #2 (1974/2007), Notes (1979), Notes #2 (1979/2007), Optical Sound (2007), Spirals (1974), Cross Section #2 (1997/2007). Extracts From documentation of Film Performances: Cycles #3 1972/2003 at La Sala Rossa Montreal. Newsprint #2 1972/2003 at Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels. Vowels & Consonants 2005-6 (with Lynn Loo) at Bullion Theatre London, Mobius Loops 2007 at Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels, Sound Cuts 2007 at Site Gallery Sheffield.

Private home use $45, limited supply. Inquire for Institutional purchase information. temporarily out of stock




Baerbel Neubauer: Flockenspiel I-IV (2005). A film in four parts, with experimental digital animated images. Image and Sound painted with digital brushes. Music composed by Neubauer. DVD, NTSC. Approx 25 mins. Quicktimes available here. See below for her other DVD, Colours and Minutes.

Private home use $30   Institutions $100 (Classroom and Library Use only, does not include public performance rights) temporarily out of stock






Aurora Edition 1 Collection. PAL DVD. Various Artists, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Japan, UK and US. An exciting mix of artists' film and animation, the compilation includes computer-generated and mediated work alongside treated and re-edited films - a deliberately catholic selection of work in the manipulated moving image. Edition 1 is packaged in a glossy double-gatefold sleeve and includes a 16-page booklet with biographies of the artists and contact information. It includes the following films:

Mercurius - Bret Battey, and Energie! - Thorsten Fleisch (image above, right)

plus Radar - Volker Schreiner, Expansion - Sara Bjarland, Clut - Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery, Dove Coup - Ben Rivers, Krypt - Lars Nagler, Falsche Freunde (False Friends) - Sylvia Schedelbauer, Head - Félix Dufour LaPerrière & Dominic Etienne Simard, Memorija Vrpce (Memory of Tape) - Damir Cucic, Wie Wir Leben (The Way We Live) - Nikolaus Jantsch, Cities - Brandon Harrod, and Kaizer (Kaiser) - Kotaro Tanaka. As this is a compilation disc, not all films are visual music. 67 mins, PAL, region free. Out of stock



George Stadnik: Flame (2006). A Silent Digital Lumia Composition of Visual Music. Flame is a visual music meditation about fire. Rendered in HD 1280x720 Pan Scan with both 16:9 and 4:3 screen formats. Digital Lumia is created by using optical simulation algorithms and software to construct virtual optical machines. The elements within each machine are adjusted over time so that a visual sequence of changes in color, refraction, reflection and shadow is composed. The resulting sequence is tested with key frames, then rendered in one of several resolution and file formats available for output. "Breathtakingly gorgeous! A pure sensory experience, in the tradition of Thomas Wilfred's Lumias. Recommended highly." (CVM). DVD, 49 mins, NTSC, all regions. (Disc is SD). temp. out of stock

Private home use only, $40 Institutions, $100 (Classroom and Library Use only, does not include public performance rights)


vE - jA : Book with DVD. Eskander, Xarene, Ed. vE-jA is a global snapshot of an exploding genre of tech-art performance: VJing and live audio-video. Includes DVD with dozens of clips from VJs worldwide. The book covers 40 international artists with 400+ colour images and 50+ movies and clips on an accompanying DVD and web downloads. Regionally organized, the book showcases VJing and live A/V not as an isolated art phenomenon for geeks, but as a global art movement with sophisticated creators and audiences alike. The organization of the book in this manner has lead to discoveries of the differences and similarities in the devlopment of the art including the influence of specific urban styles, political and social states, cultural influences, as well as hardware and software development and influences in specific regions. Introductory essay by Marius Watz brings forth the role of synchronicity of audio and video technology in cinematic performances; Barry Munsterteiger, lead producer of Apple video software, focuses on the role of art in the evolution of technology; Grant Davis (VJ Culture) provides supportive information on VJ specific hardware and software. Essays by contributing artists cover local cultural aspects influencing VJ scenes globally and provide insight on the inflluences and productivity of cities such as London, Helsinki, Barcelona, Tokyo and general scenes of US, Austria, France, Netherlands and Australia. 2006 publication, $35.




Baerbel Neubauer: Colours and Minutes, DVD.


Includes Algorithms, Falter-Spot 7, Roots, Moonlight, Holiday, Firehouse, Passage. Please visit AWN Archive for Neubauer's article about her work, and a Quicktime clip of Roots. Available in both NTSC and PAL DVD.

Private home use $30 NTSC   Institutions $100 NTSC (does not include public performance rights).

Private home use $30 PAL         Institutions $100 PAL (does not include public performance rights).



Glenn McKay: Altered States 1966-1999. DVD (2005). Glenn McKay's light art will mesmerize you with brilliant colors and music from four decades on this new DVD release. In four movements, the Altered States dvd starts with vintage rock from Jefferson Airplane (Plastic Fantastic Lover, Volunteers), set to McKay's early 60's pulsating sensory overload style. The 70's evolve into a tweaky sound track by Knox Bronson, electronic culture mastermind, with scenes from McKay's world travels in a highly abstracted form. The 80's movement travels into pure geometric and color abstractions, with an uplifting electronic/acoustic soundtrack by Dean Evenson. McKay’s 90's movement goes deep into fantastic liquid color landscapes with a dark, electronic music voyage crafted in collaboration with McKay by Greg Jalbert. This DVD captures McKay's main installation exhibit (a 4 decade retrospective of video and slides) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1999: “... brings the viewer into a strange and beautiful environment fusing light and sound to create a new experience.” (Robert Riley, SFMOMA Curator of Media Arts). Contains additional 60's film footage by Scott Bartlett and Jerry Slick. DVD, ntsc, TRT: 64 mins.

Private home use only $39.95 (does not include public performance rights)

2 hour version Ken Jenkins, Illumination 2, DVD - Visual Music by Ken Jenkins. This is simply entrancing visual beauty that is ever-evolving - rich tapestries of breath-taking colors - smooth graceful movement. It would be difficult to tire of a dvd this beautiful! This dvd is so filled with beautiful patterns that it can maintain fascination/interest even with repeated viewing. Music by Iasos, John Serrie, Constance Demby, & Tom Moore, and also a new bonus track with music by Steven Halpern. ""...remarkable collage of sight and sound - a mind bending, ever-changing aurora of astonishing beauty..." (Billboard magazine). NTSC.

2 DVD versions: Original version, 42 mins, and a special 2 hour version!


2 hour version: Private home use $20          Institutions $100 (does not include public performance rights)

Original version: Private home use $20          Institutions $100 (does not include public performance rights)


George Stadnik: Digital Lumia DVD.

20+ minutes of new original digital Lumia compositions created between 2003 and 2005. GreenViolet Reflecto with original soundscape by Adam Evans. SunSpot, Meditation II and a digitally enhanced version of Primordial Soup (1975).

Private home use $35          Institutions $100 (Classroom and Library Use only, does not include public performance rights). out of stock


Video Out: The Story of VJ'ing and Live Video Art. DVD, NTSC.

From the psychedelic light shows of the 1960's to the heady, early days of experimental video art; from New York's nascent Soho Scene to today's techno underground, Video Out tells the story of live video art over the last thirty years. Featuring: Steina and Woody Vasulka, Bill Etra, Kurt Ralske, Benjamin Weil, Carl Goodman, Angie Eng, The Light Surgeons, Joshua White, Glen McKay, George Stadnik, and many others. Produced and Directed by Meredith Finkelstein and Paul Vlachos, 2005. Approx 80 minutes. Temp. out of stock


Private home use $30.         Institutions $100. (does not include public performance rights)


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