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j reble

Jurgen Reble, Passion. PAL DVD, A Re:Voir release.

A personal film journey. Jurgen Reble, former member of the German filmmaking group "Schmelzdahin" (dissolved in 1989), focuses on exploring the film material through bacterial processes, weathering and chemical treatment during and after development.  "The basic idea is that it is impossible to fix film. Film is something which is always in a state of flux... The images, "real" in the beginning, gradually disintegrate and the gelatine layer -- where the chemicals are embedded -- dissolves. All that's left in the end is the 'raging of the elements'..." (J. Reble).  PASSION (1989-1990) b/w & color, originally Super 8, 54 mins. PAL, region 0. Re:Voir DVD release, 2015

Private home use $35.  

Institutional use $200 (permits classroom and library use, no other public exhibition permitted, use in galleries and museums prohibited)


NEW Christian Lebrat, Vibrations. PAL DVD, a Re:Voir Release. Films include: FILM NUMÉRO DEUX (1976) * COULEURS DÉLICIEUSES SUR FOND BLEU (1976) * ORGANISATION I (1977) * LIMINAL MINIMAL I ET II (1977) * RÉSEAUX (1978) * TRAMA (1978-1980) * AUTOPORTRAIT AU DISPOSITIF (1981) * HOLON (1981-1982) * LE MOTEUR DE L'ACTION (A.M.D.) (1985). Christian Lebrat's cinema deals with questions of structure and color in a perpetual attempt to escape the frame's constraints. As the screen explodes with stroboscopic rhythms and abstract combinations of shapes based on rigorous mathematic schemata, color and film form are objectified. The film becomes an enveloping psychedelic experience for the viewer, where the abstract intersects with the "real", and the vibration of color transforms the very act of looking. V118. $30 private home use, $200 institutions. Email to order. TRAILER ON VIMEO



Tony Conrad and Marie Losier: The Flicker and Dreaminimalist. PAL DVD. Contains:

Tony Conrad, The Flicker, originally 16mm, b & w, 1966, sound, 30 min
Marie Losier, Tony Conrad: DreaMinimalist, originally 16mm, color, 2008, sound, 26 min

"Marie Losier has already made portraits of Richard Foreman, Mike and George Kuchar, Guy Maddin, and also Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye. Today she develops a razor sharp overlapping of the language of those portrayed with her own, which consists of uncompromising empathy and joy in the research. Drawing on Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine, DreaMinimalist portrays an artist that always stages the boundaries of the medium – and they appear most perceptibly in low budget dreams.” - Stephanie Schulte Strathaus. temporarily out of stock

Also includes a 24-page booklet by Victor Gresard. A Re:Voir Release. PAL DVD, V109. Still from The Flicker courtesy Tony Conrad.

Private home use $35.       

Institutions $200 (permits classroom and library use, no other public exhibition permitted, use in galleries and museums prohibited)


mcl dvdChristopher MacLaine : Beat Films. PAL DVD, Re:Voir Release. V120. Contains

THE END 16mm 1953 35 mins. (Shot by Jordan Belson)
THE MAN WHO INVENTED GOLD 16mm 1957 14 mins
BEAT 16mm 1958 6 mins
SCOTCH HOP 16mm 1958 6 mins
"With Maclaine, we are going back to the sources of the Beats; he was the filmmaker who chronicled the movement as it happened and created a center of one of the aspect the Beat myth eight years before the grand epic of 'Beat' became nationally known with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac... I have seen The End more than fifty times, and there are moments when I still begin to tremble at the psychological blockages and outright terror of it. Unquestionaby, it is Maclaine's masterpiece."
-Stan Brakhage


$35 private home use, $200 institutions. Email to order.



FluxFilm Anthology. PAL DVD.

Films by Nam June Paik, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Chieko Shiomi, John Cavanaugh, James Riddle, Yoko Ono, George Brecht, Robert Watts, Pieter Vanderbiek, Joe Jones, Eric Anderson, Jeff Perkins, Wolf Vostell, Albert Fine, George Landow, Paul Sharits, John Cale, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr, Ben Vautier. Originally 16mm, b/w & color, 120 minutes, 1962-1970. Contains a 32-page booklet by Maeva Aubert on the Fluxus artists and films. Re:Voir release. V110.

Private home use $40.       

Institutions $200 (permits classroom and library use, no other public exhibition permitted, use in galleries and museums prohibited)




Paul Sharits: Mandala Films


Piece Mandala / End War, 1966, color, silent, 5 min.
N:O:T:H:I:N:G, 1968, color, sound, 36 min.
T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G, 1968, color, sound, 12 min.

PAL only. A Re:Voir Release. Includes a booklet by Vincent Deville with writings by Paul Sharits. 
In the mid-1960s, Paul Sharits developed an abstract cinema in radical opposition to the pictorial tradition. His works taken together propose a reflection on the very nature of cinema and its component parts: the film strip, single frames, the flow of
film through the projector, sprocket holes, screen, projections. Using mainly the flicker technique (flickering between pictures and colors), he highlights frame by frame discontinuity, thus revealing the hidden powers of editing. $40 home use, $200 institutions

Private home use $30.         Institutions $200 (permits classroom and library use, no other public exhibition permitted, use in galleries and museums prohibited)



Michael Snow Presents. PAL DVD, Re:Voir Release.$35 private home use, $200 institutions. Inquire to order



Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s & 1970s. DVD, PAL Region 0 import. Released by Lux and Re:Voir, 2006. 13 single screen films from the London Film-Makers' Cooperative.The 1960s and 1970s were groundbreaking decades in which independent filmmakers challenged cinematic convention. In England, much of the innovation took place at the London Film-Makers' Co-operative, an artist-led organisation that incorporated a distribution agency, cinema space and film workshop. Within this unique laboratory, filmmakers were able to control every aspect of the creative process, and the physical production of a film - the printing and processing - became vital to its form and content. Many of the films made at the LFMC explored the physical nature of the film material, using production processes that shaped the form and content of the final works. The Shoot Shoot Shoot DVD is 2 hours long and contains 13 complete films accompanied by bilingual English / French booklet written by project curator Mark Webber. Contains the following films: At The Academy (Guy Sherwin 1974), Little Dog For Roger (Malcolm Le Grice 1967), Shepherd's Bush (Mike Leggett 1971), Hall (Peter Gidal 1968-69), Dirty (Stephen Dwoskin 1965-67), Marvo Movie (Jeff Keen 1967), Broadwalk (William Raban 1972), Fforest Bay II (Chris Welsby 1973), Slides (Annabel Nicolson 1970), Film No. 1 (David Crosswaite 1971), Dresden Dynamo (Lis Rhodes 1971), Footsteps (Marilyn Halford 1974), Leading Light (John Smith 1975). 117 mins, PAL DVD. First time in distribution in the US. out of stock soon

Private home use $40.         Institutions $100 (permits classroom and library use, no other public exhibition permitted)


Berthold Bartosch, L'Idee. PAL DVD. Re:Voir release. Bartosch's only surviving film was completed single-handedly in Paris in 1932. Almost 45000 frames were animated on four different levels simultaneously, often with as many as 18 superimpositions made in the camera. "(...) Bartosch showed that animation could be POETIC... It was Bartosch who first dared to give animation the dimension of a great art, trusting it to voice his pain, to lay bare his heart, to tell of his hope for a better future - which he never saw." - Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker, 1969. V119. $30 private home use. Institutions, $200. Email to order



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