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Supporting Visual Music / About Us

Your donations support our programs and work to preserve and promote Visual Music.

Current projects for which we're fundraising: The Oskar Fischinger Project (preservation and digitization of films, and continued conservation, digitizing and cataloging of papers and animation artwork). The continued care and conservation of The William Moritz Archive and Library; The Jordan Belson Project (preservation and digitization of films); general Film Preservation and digitization of numerous historical films, vidotapes, art and papers, including Mary Ellen Bute materials. We are also fundraising for a video projector and audio equipment for screenings; for a future Oskar Fischinger solo museum exhibition, and a permanent space for CVM. All amounts are useful! You can donate via the link below, or contact us. Thank you for your support of CVM.

In 2019 we began a special Trustees Council, of CVM supporters dedicated to the long term goals and growth of CVM and its work. Contact us if you are interested in joining this very special group, with a yearly sustaining donation.


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You can help save or digitize a specific film. At present we are fundraising for 4K transfers of Fischinger films. We are also fundraising for an Open Source cataloging system which will put more material and guides for the collections online.

You can support CVM by purchasing art, photography, ephemera and other items from our current Art/Film Fundraiser (most items donated for fundraising purposes).

Mailing address: Center for Visual Music, PO Box 39527, Los Angeles, CA 90039. To donate via credit card, please donate online below via Paypal to cvmarchive (at)

CVM is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


You can Support CVM by becoming a Member. Membership levels and premiums include vintage Fischinger, James Whitney, Bill Moritz and other items - see the Membership page to join online.

You can also support CVM with a low monthly fee, by joining us on Patreon. View more of the collection there, including some rare A/V materials.

You can Support CVM with other donations:

CVM also seeks HD Video projectors, HD camera, PAL VHS deck, gift certificates

When we re-open, CVM has part-time intern positions for curatorial assistants, please inquire.

CVM thanks our Contributors and Supporters


Trustees' Council (Sustaining Members)

Kit Smyth Basquin

Brad and Mary Glanden

Gil Schnitzler

Russell Scholl


Founders' Circle

Richard Baily/Image Savant
Stephen Beck
Susan Bolles
Timothy Finn
Barbara Fischinger
Ilene Susan Fort
Dan Hadley
Lawrence Janss
Ed and Laura Lantz
David Magness
Eva Mason
Michael Norman Nock
NOMI Group (in Memory of John Moynihan)

Patrons, Benefactors ($200 to $2,000)

Bettina Brendel
Steve Cheatham/The Electric Collage Light Show
Creative Tech Week, New York (for the 2018 Visual Music Symposium)
Greta Dockum (for the Charles Dockum Project)
Scott and Isabel Draves
Michael Friend  
Joshua Harrell
Stephen Hillenburg (for The Jules Engel Preservation Project)
Jennifer Lane and David Hollander
Bruce Lane
David Lebrun
Andrew Morrison
Rol Murrow
Margaret Parsons
Suzanne Perkins and Bertram Gordon (for the Jordan Belson Project)
Ingo Petzke
Steve Roden
Mark Rowan-Hull
Aaron Ross
Gil Schnitzler
Fred Seibert (for The Oskar Fischinger Project)
Scott Snibbe (for the Jordan Belson Project)
Heike Sperling
John Stehura

Friends and Other Donors

Sheila Baily
Kevin and Jackie Baily
Dan Banales
Jacob Barningham
Mark Caballero
John Canemaker
Chris Casady
Fred Collopy
Nicholas Cope
Robert Crain
Barbara Eddy & Steve Socki
Jim Ellis
Tammy Faye
Tim Fehske
Paul & Glenda Fillinger (for the Jordan Belson Project)
Stephen Fisher (for the Jordan Belson Project)
Julie Flanagan
Peter Frank
Teri Geis
Lauren German
Stephen Gordon
Gijs Grob (for the Oskar Fischinger DVD Project)
Tom Gunning
Jonathan Hall
Amy Halpern
Susanne Hartmann  
Chris Harvey  
Colin Herd
Nancy Herman
Andrew Hill
Eric Homan
Rich Housh
Karen Huff
Jackson Family Wines
David James
Joseph Janovsky
Lisa Johnson
Johns Creek Software, Inc.
Cindy Keefer
Timothy Kennedy
Geoff Kessell
Matthew Kluber
Ray Kosarin
Richard Landow
Caldwell Lever
Stan Levine
Maura McDonnell
Alice & Leonard Maltin
Aaron Matthew
Media City, Ontario (for The Oskar Fischinger Project)
James Middleton
Marcos Ortega Miranda (for the Jordan Belson Project)
Scott Moschella
Christian Gosvig Olesen
Sarah Oppenheimer
Greg Pass
Steve Pavlovsky
ChihCheng Peng
Dennis Reed
Michael Robinson (for the Jordan Belson Project)
Eric Rockey
Steve Roden
Bernard Rousseau
Mark Rowan-Hull
Marc Rubenstein
Timothy Saccenti
Peter Sansom
Margaren Schedel
Kurt Schultz
Michael Sigman
Ken Scott
Screen Novelties
Robert Seidel
Liza Simone
Sheila Sofian
Vibeke Sorensen
Barry Spinello
Mark Stanford
Neville Stern and Carmel Gray
Volker Straebel
John Teton (for the Jordan Belson Project)
James Tobias
H. van der Kraan (for The Oskar Fischinger Project)
Ralph Richard Whyte
Theo Wulff

and many individual donors supporting The Jules Engel Preservation Project, the donors to the second Oskar Fischinger DVD,
and donors under $20 to our Facebook and other campaigns. Thank you all!


(Past and Present; most are project-specific)

National Film Preservation Foundation 
California Relief Grant (with CalNonprofits), State of California
California Institute of the Arts, Dept. of Film (for preservation of Jules Engel's Coaraze)
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (for Sons et Lumieres exhibition, film preservation, 2004)
EYE Filmmuseum Archive (for CVM's preservation of Fischinger's Studie nr. 5)
Lefkowitz Family Foundation
George Lucas Family Foundation ($1000)
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Foundation (Sponsor of the second Fischinger DVD)
Judith McBean Foundation
Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (film preservation for Visual Music exhibition, 2005)
Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation

In-Kind Donors

Chace Productions, Burbank, CA
Xarene Eskandar
Marco Ferraro
Film Studies at Sonoma State University (for 2018 Visual Music Symposium)
Film Technology, Inc., Hollywood, CA
Goethe Institut, Paris (for Raumlichtkunst Project)
Amy Halpern
Chris Harvey
Hollywood Vaults, Hollywood, CA
Jackson Family Wines, Santa Rosa, CA (for 2018 Visual Music Symposium)
Oliver's Market, Cotati (for 2018 Visual Music Symposium)
Opticus Video, Los Angeles (for Raumlichtkunst Project)
Nick Ralabate
Sebastopol Center for the Arts (for 2018 Visual Music Symposium)
Westwind Media, Burbank, CA

    Donors of research materials, art, books, equipment and other

Anthology Film Archives
Richard Baily
The Family of Richard Baily
Stephen Beck
Jordan Belson

Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin
Jacqueline Bolles
Susan Bolles
Suzanne Boyajian
The Bettina Brendel Trust
Bettina Brendel
John Buchanan
Bundesarchiv, Berlin
John Canemaker
Tyler Cann
Arthur & Corinne Cantrill
Chris Casady
Steven Churchill
Stuart Comer
Sean Cooper
Devon Damonte
Susan Delson
Sky David
Grant Davis
Deutsches Filmmuseum
Scott Draves
Jim Ellis
Scott Elofson
Jules Engel
Xarene Eskandar
Filmmakers' Alliance
Barbara Fischinger
Fischinger Trust
William Fishman
Thorsten Fleisch
Michael Friend
Maureen Furniss
Bulat Galeyev
Gladstone Gallery, New York
Jeanpaul Goergen
Goethe Institut Los Angeles
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Zealand
Robert Haller
Amy Halpern
Catherine Heinrich
Nancy Herman
Susan Herzig and Paul Hertzmann
Derek Holzer
Roger Horrocks
David James
Dr. Joerg Jewanski
Dennis Keefe
Bob Kosovsky
Len Lye Foundation, New Zealand
Andrew Lyons
Christina McPhee
David Magness
Tony Martin
Peter Mays
Jas. Morgan
Dr. William Moritz
Sandra Naumann
Nederlands Filmmuseum
Baerbel Neubauer
Scott Nyerges
Oliver's Market, Cotati
Jack Ox
Fred Paroutaud
Ron Pelligrino
Sylvia Pengilly
Dr. Ingo Petzke
Angeline Pike
Joost Rekveld
Steve Roden
Marc Rubenstein
Jeff Scher
Gary Schwartz
Michael Scroggins
Robert Seidel
Young-min Son
Vibeke Sorensen
Barry Spinello
George Stadnik
Cecile Starr
Dr. James Tobias
Sin's Opticals
Visual Communications
Mark Webber
David Wexler
Howard Wexler
Steve Woloshen

About CVM



Cindy Keefer

Board of Directors

Yann Beauvais, Ilene Susan Fort, Cindy Keefer, Gil Schnitzler  


Trustees Council (see top of page)


Advisory Group

Xarene Eskandar (Los Angeles)
Braden Malnic (Washington, DC)
Jack Ox (Albuquerque, NM)
Joost Rekveld (Brussels)
Heike Sperling (Cologne, Germany)
Geoff Kessell (New York)


Previous Board Members (2003-21)

John Canemaker, Barbara Fischinger, David James, Joost Rekveld, David Lebrun, Rol Murrow, Christine Panushka,

David Magness (RIP), John Whitney, Jr., Edward Lantz, Susan Bolles, James Tobias


Previous Advisory Council / Co-Founders

Jules Engel, Barbara Fischinger, William Moritz

Previous Interns

Young-min Son, Koh, Elliot Kaufman, Tony Rzeteljski, Stella Ahn, Vicky Huang, Sam Adams

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