CVM's new Oskar Fischinger DVD, Oskar Fischinger: Visual Music

December 2017 release




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TRAILER on Vimeo




Study no. 2, c. 1930, silent

Study no. 5, 1930

st eight Study no. 8, 1931

coloratura Coloratura, 1932

muratti Muratti greift ein (Muratti Marches On), 1934

swiss Swiss Trip (Rivers and Landscapes), 1934

comp in blue Komposition in Blau (Composition in Blue), 1935 (excerpt online)

american march An American March, 1941



pierette Pierrette I, 1924-26

early exp1920s-30s Home Movies and Experiments, Berlin (black and white)

squares Squares fragment (1934) and various 1930s color animation tests, image below (note, Squares image is from original artwork painted for the film)


"Concerto" and newly discovered animation tests made in Hollywood, 1945-46 - TRAILER showing one test from this reel

Excerpts from 8mm Home Movies at Wonderland Park, Los Angeles (c. 1959-1962)


Includes a booklet

You can also purchase the DVD at the shop of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre, New Zealand; or through Meditations, Kyoto, Japan, or Walther Koenig, Koln.


Acknowledgements for support of the DVD

DVD Sponsor: Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre

Special thanks to: Barbara Fischinger, Timothy Finn, Paolo Polesello and Rebecca Malamud/Point.B Studio

This DVD was made with support from Kit Smyth Basquin and Brad and Mary Glanden

Contributions of other amounts are acknowledged below, and in our newsletter and social media.

Technical notes

The films Study nr. 5, Squares and 1930s color animation tests, 1920s-30s Home Movies and Experiments (Berlin), Concerto and newly discovered 1940s animation tests, and Home Movies in Los Angeles were all preserved by CVM. Study nr. 5 was preserved by CVM with support from the film archive of EYE Filmmuseum. Study nr 8 was preserved in the 1990's by Nederland Filmmuseum. Preservation work was done by the Academy Film Archive on An American March, Swiss Trip, Pierrette in 1998-2000. The DVD booklet includes full preservation notes and credits. All films are from the collection of Center for Visual Music.

Composition in Blue and Muratti greift ein are new transfers by CVM from Fischinger's nitrate Gasparcolor prints.

Technical Services were provided by Film Technology Company Inc., Fotokem, Point 360, QRS, Westwind Media

The DVD is standard definition, NTSC, region free.


                                             Images from 1920s-30s tests and experiments, Study no 8 and An American March


Curatorial notes

Fischinger's silent films and early experiments on the DVD are presented silent. Pierrette I is a reconstruction by William Moritz, using Fischinger's original footage. The Home Movies footage has excerpts showing Fischinger at his home in Laurel Canyon, c. 1961, pulled from longer reels of 8mm film.

Additional Acknowledgements

CVM thanks William Moritz, Cinemaculture, Rowland Weinstein and Weinstein Gallery, Chris Harvey, Nick Ralabate. We thank the National Film Preservation Foundation for their support to preserve some of the films on this DVD, and other Fischinger films.

CVM acknowledges additional contributions from Mark Caballero, Amy Halpern, Steve Roden, Barry Spinello, Eric Levin, Theo Lukkezen, Anthony Countey, Brent Salley, Gijs Grob, Daniel Eagan, Adriano Abbado and several Anonymous donors.

CVM thanks those who donated through our 2016 indiegogo campaign towards this DVD production, including Abigail Addison, Vincent Bohlinger, John Canemaker, Nick Cope, Andrea Falkenstein, Marco Ferrero, Joshua Harrell, Geoff Kessell, Bob Kosovsky, Ed Lantz, Richard Leskosky, Jim Middleton, Marcos Ortega Miranda, Michiko Swiggs, Lee Tsiantis, Bridget Toner, Seamus Walsh and several Anonymous donors.


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OLD DVD TRAILER (2016) includes a cameo by Barbara Fischinger, Oskar's daughter



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