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Some items are still available for purchase as of December 2011.


Originally part of the Fischinger Celebration September 23, 2010, Los Angeles

For a limited time, a few items are still available





  Flipbook (1970) , "Film-Flip, A 3-Second Part of Mutoscope Reel No. 1 by Oskar Fischinger" made by Elfriede Fischinger, 1970. Limited edition, out of print. Approximately 150 pages, stapled stiff wrap binding. Elfriede Fischinger address stamp on verso. Gift of The Fischinger Trust. Available, $75.


Original Animation Drawing, 1931 (#1) , charcoal on paper, from the film Study nr 8, by Oskar Fischinger. Numbered. NOTE: Paper is more off-white than image here. Partial gift of The Fischinger Trust. SOLD


Original Animation Drawing, 1931 (#2) , charcoal on paper, from the film Study nr 8, by Oskar Fischinger. Numbered. NOTE: Paper is more off-white than image here. Gift of The Fischinger Trust. SOLD


"Squares" (1934), Gouache on paper, by Oskar Fischinger. From the film Squares. Framed, 11-5/8 by 12 inches, on punched animation paper, numbered. No longer available. See image in top photo above, bottom left.


"Flame 148," Digital Print by Scott Draves, 1993. Framed, signed. 27-1/2 x 40 inches (to outside frame). Note, frame not shown in this image. Final bid $400 SOLD


"Celebration" (2000), Digital Giclée print by Bettina Brendel, (1922-2009), numbered 3/10, 16 x 24 1/2 inches. Signed by the artist. About the Artist, Exhibition History. Gift of The Bettina Brendel Trust. Available, $500.



NEW item: Original artwork, handmade Christmas Card signed by Dwinell Grant. Ink on colored paper. Left - front of folding card, right - inside card. Includes packet of information and text on Grant from Film Historian Cecile Starr's Collection. Partial Gift of Cecile Starr. Available, $250.


NEW item: Mary Ellen Bute, 16mm print, new. Excellent condition. Mood Contrasts (1953) is an abstract film by Mary Ellen Bute which includes her pioneering work with oscilloscopes. This film premiered at Radio City Music Hall. Gift of Cecile Starr. ** For home and classroom use only, please see below for conditions of sale. Final bid $850, SOLD


Signed copy of "Optical Poetry: The Life and Work of Oskar Fischinger," biography by William Moritz. Signed by Moritz in early 2004. Moritz was Fischinger's biographer, who worked with The Fischinger Archive and Elfriede for over 3 decades until his death in 2004. SOLD


James Whitney/William Moritz "Lapis" poster for 1977 LACMA series, "A James Whitney Retrospective," guest curator William Moritz. Reverse has text by Moritz and others about James Whitney’s films. Shipped rolled, in tube. Current bid $125, SOLD. One more is still available at $125.


Signed book, Experimental Animation: Origins of a New Art by Robert Russett and Cecile Starr. Da Capo Press, 1988. Signed by Cecile Starr. A "must have" animation book, with over 50 interviews and first-person accounts that describe the work of dozens of filmmakers. including Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker, Hans Richter, Viking Eggerling, Oskar Fischinger, Mary Ellen Bute, Berthold Bartosch, Robert Breer, Dwinell Grant, Harry Smith, Larry Jordan, StanVanDerBeek, Ed Emshwiller, John Whitney, Ken Knowlton, Barry Spinello and many more. With nearly 300 illustrations, and filmographies. Revised edition, Paperback, 224 pages. Gift of Cecile Starr. Available, $100.


Signed copy of essential out of print book Film as Film: Formal Experiment in Film, 1910 - 1975. London: Hayward Gallery/Arts Council, 1979. With seminal essays by William Moritz , David Curtis, Birgit Hein, Peter Weibel and others. Signed by David Curtis. Gift of Cecile Starr. SOLD.



Signed book, Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (The Adventures of Prince Achmed) by Lotte Reiniger. Verlag Ernst Wasmuth Tubingen, 1972. 32 full page silhouette pictures from the film, with 10 page introductory text in Germany (and 10 page booklet of English translation). Hardbound, very good condition. Signed by Lotte Reiniger. Also included, unopened DVD of the film, PAL. Gift of Cecile Starr. Available, No longer available.



Photograph of frames from the film Rhythm 23, signed by Hans Richter on verso (right image, excerpt from writing on verso). Notations on front by Richter. Includes authentication by Film Historian Cecile Starr, plus a package of clippings and information about Richter from Starr's Collection. This photograph was given by Richter to Starr for use in her distribution of Richter's films. Gift of Cecile Starr. $300. SOLD


Photograph #1 of Stan Brakhage, by Robert Haller, 1996. 8 x 10. Signed on verso by photographer. Gift of Robert Haller. Available, $125. SOLD

Photograph #2 of Stan Brakhage, by Robert Haller, c. 1986. 8 x 10. Signed on verso by photographer. Gift of Robert Haller. SOLD


"I .... Sleeping (Being a Dream Journal and Parenthetical Explication)" out of print book by Stan Brakhage. Staten Island, NY: Island Cinema Resources and Visual Studies Workshop, 1988. Robert Haller, Ed. Softcover. Gift of Robert Haller, Anthology Film Archives. Several copies available. Starting bid $35. One more available


Certificate #1 for wine tasting event in your home, 8 bottles, up to 16 persons, courtesy PRP Wines. No longer available.

Certificate #2 for wine tasting event in your home, 8 bottles, up to 16 persons, courtesy PRP Wines. No longer available.




December, 2011: Please email us at cvmaccess (at) to purchase an available item. We accept MC/Visa, check or paypal (with added processing fee). Prices do not include shipping or tax for California residents, if applicable..


Previous September Auction Info:

Advance bids will be accepted via email to cvmaccess (at) until September 22, midnight PST. By bidding via email or in person, you certify that will pay for the item at your winning bid price within 14 days, if you are the auction winner. Bids are final and may not be retracted. Please include your full name, address, phone number with your bid.

Bid increments: $100 when current bid is over $1,000; $50 when over $500; $25 when under $500; $10 when under $100

Bidder registration forms may be required to place bids over $1,000, or from bidders placing absentee bids who are not CVM or Goethe members.

Bidding in person will close during the September 23 event. Bidders have 2 weeks from close to pay and pick up (or pay for shipping) of their items. Bid prices do not include any shipping charges. Please add California sales tax to all California sales (except the Studie nr 8 animation drawings); out of state sales do not require sales tax. Payment accepted: Mastercard, Visa, check in US dollars on US bank, cash. Amex and paypal payments can be arranged but require a processing surcharge. Questions, please email cvmaccess (at) or call CVM at 213-683-1514.

Tickets to the September 23 Fischinger Celebration are $40 general public; $35 CVM and Goethe members. Purchase in advance through Eventbrite (closed)



Thanks to The Fischinger Trust, Scott Draves, The Bettina Brendel Trust, Angelica Fischinger, Robert Haller, Cecile Starr, Xarene Eskandar, Karen Huff, Eva Mason, Scott Snibbe, Alice & Leonard Maltin and Lawrence Janss for their gifts, contributions and support of this event.


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