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CVM's Visual Music screening at MOCA LA, related event for the Visual Music exhibition, March 2005

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An Evening of Visual Music Films
Presented by the Center for Visual Music in conjunction with The Museum of Contemporary Art
THURSDAY, March 24, 6:30 pm
MOCA Grand Avenue, Ahmanson Auditorium.
Free; no reservations required. INFO 213/621-1745.

Revelatory moments from the history of visual music, an exploration into the true lives of the kinetochromatic scientists, and a breathtaking leap into the now-and-beyond of an art form passionately devoted to purified sound and light.
Opening remarks by Cindy Keefer, Director, Center for Visual Music. CVM is a non-profit film archive in Los Angeles devoted to visual music, experimental animation and avant-garde media. CVM's mission is to preserve, curate and promote the film, performances and other media of this tradition, as well as related historical documentation and material.

The program features:
A. Color Organs - Behind the Machines
Rarely-seen documentation of the actual machines and makers, complementing the color organ films featured in the Visual Music exhibition
"Reflektorische Farbenlichtspiele." Rare footage of Kurt Schwerdtfeger and Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mark's color organ in operation, in a recreation of their 1920s Bauhaus performances (excerpt)
"Demonstration of Mobilcolor Projector," by Charles Dockum, excerpt from a 1966 documentary explaining the Mobilcolor's operation
"Lumigraph footage," clips of Elfriede Fischinger c. 1980 with Oskar Fischinger's Lumigraph.

B. Visual Music Films - (Screened in 16mm film unless noted.)

Oskar Fischinger, Study Nr. 7, 1931, 2.5 min.

Oskar Fischinger, Color Rhythm, c.1940, 3 min.

Mary Ellen Bute, Tarantella, 1940, 5 min. (new print) and New Sensations in Sound (RCA commercial), 1949, 1.5 min (New print. This film has not been screened for many years).

Norman McLaren, Begone Dull Care, 1949 (screened from dvd)

Dwinnell Grant, Pepsi Commercial, c. 1954, 1.5 min

Alexandre Vitkine, Chromophonie, 1967, 7 min. (rarely screened in the US)

Jordan Belson and Stephen Beck, Cycles, 1975, 10 min.

Stan Brakhage, Dante Quartet, 1987, 8 min

Baerbel Neubauer, Feuerhaus, 1998, 5.5 min. (from dvd)

Jim Ellis, Whisper, 1996, 5 min. (from dvd)

Richard Baily and John Buchanan, Extacism, 2005, 5 min. (from dvd).

Jun'ichi Okuyama, My Movie Melodies, 1980, 7 min. (rarely screened in the US)

This program is presented in conjunction with MOCA's presentation of Visual Music. Visual Music surveys the charged and profoundly generative relationship between art and music over the last 100 years. Featuring masterpieces of modern and contemporary art, the exhibition presents successive explorations of the idea of synaesthesia, offering a chronological exhibition of the relationship between abstraction, color, and music forms as varied as classical, jazz, rock, and electronic.

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