When Bill arrived at Pacific Film Archive, he would have on his striking cape, large distinctive hat, and often I believe, a colorful purple vest. Elfriede would be with him of course, and he'd have a slew of films, more than we had discussed, and as always, would be eager to share them with our audience.

Bill came to PFA many times and presented wonderful memorable programs of avant-garde films--films he uncovered, researched preserved, wrote about, in other words, films he was passionate about. His accompanying lectures overflowed with detailed, fascinating information, and a wicked anecdote or two. Bill also made his unique, invaluable collection of films, as well as his time, available for our research projects, and was tireless in his helpfulness on our History of the Bay Area Avant Garde project.

You will be deeply missed Bill by all of us at Pacific Film Archive, but the films you championed will continue to fill our screen. Next month we too will show an "Optical Poetry" program of Fischinger films and celebrate your new book--and extraordinary life--up in the Bay area.

Kathy Geritz, March 14
Film Curator, Pacific Film Archive
University of California, Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive
2625 Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA. 94720

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