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Preserving the Legacy - Film Preservation and Digitization

Support your favorite Fischinger film!


You can help with the preservation and digitization of Oskar Fischinger's films.
Many of the films (and experiments and tests) still need to be preserved.
Some have bee
n preserved, and need to be transfered to 4K

Image above from Gasparcolor tests, c. 1933

Support your favorite Fischinger film! Click links below to donate online.


Support the preservation of Muratti Greift Ein (1934)

Support the preservation of Studie nr. 8 (1931)



Support the preservation of Muntz TV (1952)

Support the preservation of tests and experiments including the earliest nitrate Wax Experiments fragments (deteriorating nitrate, not seen in many decades), GasparColor tests, and other early tests and experiments

See an excerpt from the later Wax experiments, on our vimeo channel.

Support Digitization, 2K and 4K transfers of the films, wherever funds are most needed


Support general Film Preservation at CVM, wherever funds are needed most - including more Fischinger films and tests

Support CVM's general programs, including Fischinger exhibition development, wherever funds are needed most


Every amount helps, no matter how small.


Huge thanks to Timothy Finn

Thanks to donors including Mark Caballero, Barbara Fischinger, Joshua Harrell, Media City (Ontario), Theo Lukkezen, Anthony Countey, Brent Salley and Marco Palmers, and to all who contributed to the work for the new Fischinger DVD release, in late 2017.


You can also donate directly via check, or credit card via phone

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