CVM's Oskar Fischinger pages: Selected Filmography

Full filmography is in progress

      Wax Experiments. 1921-26, b/w and tinted, silent. Excerpt from the later Wax experiments is on our vimeo channel.

     Pierrette. 1924-26, b/w, silent


       Spirals. c. 1926, b/w, silent


      Spiritual Constructions. c. 1927, b/w, silent

     Walking from Munich to Berlin. 1927, b/w, silent. Excerpt on our vimeo channel

       Studie nr 5 (Study no. 5), 1930, b/w, sound

       Studie nr 7 (Study no. 7), 1931, b/w, sound


    Studie nr. 8 (Study no. 8), 1931, b/w, sound

    Koloraturen (Coloratura),. 1932, b/w, sound

       Ornament Sound experiments , c. 1932, b/w, sound

    Kreise (Circles), 1933-34, color, sound



     Squares, 1934, color, silent (unfinished)


Muratti greift ein (Muratti Marches On), 1934, color, sound

Komposition in Blau (Composition in Blue), 1935, color, sound

An Optical Poem, made for MGM

An American March, 1941

Radio Dynamics, 1942, color, silent

Allegretto, 1936-43, color, sound

Motion Painting no 1 (aka Motion Painting I), 1947

Muntz TV, 1952, b/w, sound


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