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May-June 1955

No. 12, 1957

No. 13, October 1957

No. 14, November 1957

The "Experimental" Scene:
A Letter from the East Coast, by Lewis Jacobs
A Letter from the West Coast, by Robert Pike

No. 18, 1958

Stan Brakhage, by Parker Tyler
Hans Richter on the Function of Film History Writing

No. 19, 1959

Morning for the Experimental Film, by Lewis Jacobs
Sidney Peterson, by Parker Tyler

No. 24, 1962

If the Actor is the Audience, by Stan Vanderbeek

No. 25, 1962

Excerpts from Notes on the New American Cinema, by Jonas Mekas
Anti-Dotes for Poisoned Movies, by Stan Vanderbeek
Roman Notebook, by Storm de Hirsch

No. 26, Fall 1962

Statement, by Robert Breer

No. 27, Winter 1962/63

Interview with Robert Breer, by Guy L. Coté
Filmography of Robert Breer
The Golden Poet (Senseless) by Gregory Markopoulos
Roman Notebook, by Storm de Hirsch
Shirley Clarke Shooting "The Cool World," photographs by Leroy McLucas
Photographs: (including) Gregory Markopoulos, Storm de Hirsch

No. 28, Spring 1963

No. 29, Summer 1963

Simple Syllogism, by Stan Vanderbeek
Dog Star Man, the first 16mm epic, by Michael McClure PDF
Film as a Way of Seeing, by James Broughton
A Note on Comedy in Experimental Film, by Sidney Peterson
A Few Ideas About Music & Films, by John Cage
Is Film Art? by Len Lye
Interview with Len Lye, by Gretchen Weinberg
Statements by Curtis Harrington, Maya Deren, Ed Emshwiller, Robert Breer, Carmen D'Avino
Letters: San Francisco Scene, by Bruce Baillie, Stan Brakhage
Sound and Cinema, by Brakhage, Tenney, Markopoulos
Drawings, by Ken Jacobs

No. 30, 1963

Metaphors on Vision, by Stan Brakhage

No. 31, Winter 1963/64

Scorpio Rising, by Gregory Markopoulos
Towards a New Narrative Film Form, by Gregory Markopoulos - PDF
Poetics of the Film, by Anais Nin - PDF - p. 3
Imagism in Four Avant-Garde Films, by P. Adams Sitney
From Interviews with Hans Richter

No. 33, 1964

Sixth Independent Film Award - Warhol
Astral Daguerreotype, by Storm de Hirsch
Interview with Bruce Conner, by Robert K. Brown

No. 34, Fall 1964

No. 35, 1964/65

Interview: Chapter One, by Stan Vanderbeek
Three Film-Makers (incl. Storm de Hirsch), by Gregory Markopoulos Interview With Mary Ellen Bute, on the Filming of "Finnegans Wake," by Gretchen Weinberg
On the Cover: Stan Vanderbeek

No. 36, 1965

No. 37, Summer 1965

Dialogue Without Words: The Work of Harry Smith, by Carol Berge
Harry Smith Interview - with P. Adams Sitney
A.S.I.D. Talk - Design Conference, Catalina 1962, by John H. Whitney
Film-makers' Cooperative Catalogue

No. 38, 1965

No. 39, 1965 - Maya Deren Issue

No. 40, 1966 - Contents and Cover

Two Essays on Brakhage and his Songs, by Jerome Hill and Guy Davenport
"Culture: Intercom" and Expanded Cinema by Stan Vanderbeek excerpt

No. 41, 1966

Tony Conrad on "The Flicker"
An Interview with Tony Conrad, by Toby Mussman
Inside the Dream Syndicate, by Tony Conrad

No. 42, Fall, 1966

Film-maker's Cooperative (Distribution of Independent Films)
Canyon Cinema Cooperative
Ed Emshwiller - An Interview
Ed Emshwiller - An Interview, by James Mullins
Filmography of Ed Emshwiller
Robert Breer on His Work

No. 43, 1966

Expanded Cinema: A Symposium, New York Film Festival, 1966
incl. The Tape Music Center, USCO, Vanderbeek, Jud Yalkut

No. 44, 1967 - Designed by George Maciunas.

Jonas Mekas: An Interview with Peter Kubelka
Len Lye Speaks at The Film-Makers' Cinematheque
Gretchen Berg: An Interview with Shirley Clarke
Three Films by Bruce Conner, by Carl I. Belz
Gergory Markopoulos: The Film-maker as Physician of the Future
San Francisco's Hipster Cinema, by Thomas Kent Alexander

No. 45, Summer 1967 - Designed by George Maciunas.

Gerard Malaga: Interview with Jack Smith
Warren Sonbert: Vivian
Assorted Warhol texts
Sheldon Renan: Interview with the Kuchar Brothers
David Brooks: Gregory Markopoulos - Free Associations

No. 48-49, 1970

The Cosmic Cinema of Jordan Belson, by Gene Youngblood
Blank Deflections: Golden Cinema, by Paul Sharits
"The Future is not What it Used to Be" by Stan Vanderbeek
Re: Look Computerized Graphics, by Stan Vanderbeek
A Letter to Lenny Lipton, by Stan Vanderbeek
2001, by Mark Kozloff

No. 50-51, 1970

No. 53, 54, 55, 1972

John Whitney Interviewed by Richard Brick
Excerpts of Talk Given at California Institute of Technology, by John Whitney
Notes on "Permutations," by John Whitney
Notes on "Matrix," by John Whitney
John Whitney Filmography
John Whitney Bibliography
(Nostalgia) Voice-Over Narration for a Film of that Name, by Hollis Frampton
Notes on (nostalgia), by Hollis Frampton
Patrick O'Neill Interviewed by Miles Swarthout, 1971

No. 56, 57, Spring 1973

Eleventh Independent Film Award (Robert Breer)
Robert Breer - from "The Visionary Film-Makers" by P. Adams Sitney
An Interview with Robert Breer, by Jonas Mekas and P. Adams Sitney
An Interview with Robert Breer, by Charles Levine
Letter from Robert Breer to Jonas Mekas
Robert Breer Filmography
Photographs (incl. Snow, Breer)

No. 58, 59, 60 - Oskar Fischinger Issue, extensive William Moritz essay

No. 61, 1975-76 - James Broughton Issue

No. 63, 64, 1977

The Idea of Abstraction, by P. Adams Sitney

The Influence of Olivier Messiaen on the Visual Art of Stan Brakhage in "Scenes from Under Childhood," Part One, by Marie Nesthus

No. 65-66, 1978 - Paul Sharits Issue

No. 67, 68, 69, 1979

Bruce Baillie, Stan Brakhage, Kenneth Anger, Alexander Hammid
Stan Brakhage on Music, Sound, Color, and Film
"Text of Light," by Bruce Jenkins and Noel Carroll
Excerpts from an Interview with Bruce Conner conducted in July of 1971 by Robert Haller
Film and Music, by Alexander Hammid

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