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Studies for Radio Dynamics by Oskar Fischinger, 1940s, oil on English silk. Gift of The Fischinger Trust

An Optical Poem, painting by Oskar Fischinger, oil on plywood. Gift of The Fischinger Trust

"Sound Painting," 1951, painting by Oskar Fischinger, oil on canvas. Gift of Dian C. Iversen. Image here

"Square Spirals," 1955, painting by Oskar Fischinger, oil on canvas.

"Abstraction No. 390," 1956, painting by Oskar Fischinger, oil on Masonite.

Color xerography by Jordan Belson.

Anination artwork by Sky David

Rare Books:

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35mm Film Prints:

Oskar Fischinger, Studie nr 2, Studie nr 6, Studie nr 8, Studie nr 9, Kreise, Komposition in Blau, Walking from Munich to Berlin, Motion Painting no. 1, An Americam March, Allegretto (early version), and others

Norman McLaren, Loops and Dots

16mm Film Prints:

Jordan Belson and Stephen Beck, Cycles (gift of Stephen Beck)

Mary Ellen Bute, Pastorale, 1950, Mood Contrasts, 1953, Tarantella, Escape and New Sensations in Sound. From the Cecile Starr Collection.

Emile Cohl, Fantasmagoria, 1908 and Hasher's Delirium, 1911

Bruce Conner, Cosmic Ray, 1961

Len Lye, Free Radicals, Particles in Space, Colour Cry

Norman McLaren, Begone Dull Care, 1949 Baerbel Neubauer, Feuerhaus (Firehouse), 1998 Hans Richter, Filmstudie, Ghosts Before Breakfast Walther Ruttmann, Lichtspiel Opus I, and Opus II, II and IV Guido Seeber, Ki-Pho

Digital Work:

Energie! by Thorsten Fleisch

Shed by Christina McPhee


CVM received a generous gift of an extensive collection of original photography by Hy Hirsh (1911-1961), including vintage gelatin silver prints, color Ansco chromogenic prints, color negatives, and hundreds of slides of Hirsh's fashion photography, travels, studies for his films, and his life in Paris in the late 1950s. Acquired through a gift from Susan Herzig and Paul Hertzmann, San Francisco, CA, 2008.

Research Materials: Personal and business papers of Oskar Fischinger Selected papers of Elfriede Fischinger Recordings of lectures and presentations by William Moritz and Elfriede Fischinger. Gifts from Fischinger Trust, and from Arthur and Corinne Cantrill. Archives of the Visual Music Alliance Articles, papers, drawings relating to Color Organ experiments, 1890s-1930s Programs and Flyers from Theatre Vanguard, Pasadena FilmForum, Oasis and other Southern California experimental cinema venues, 1970s-80s New Scientific Tools for the Arts, monograph by Ralph Potter (Fischinger's copy) Pike, Robert Marvin. "A Critical Study of the West Coast Experimental Film Movement." MA Thesis submitted to UCLA, July 1960.

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