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Jordan Belson (1926-2011) - Selected Bibliography

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Image above, stills from Samadhi




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We do not include texts with numerous factual errors.


A few Resources on Vortex Concerts


Morrison Planetarium's Academy Projector set up for Vortex Concerts. From Youngblood, Expanded Cinema.


Primary Texts for beginning research on Vortex Concerts: Scott MacDonald (Interview with Belson in A Critical Cinema 3); Gene Youngblood (Expanded Cinema); Cindy Keefer (several essays listed above). See above for links and sources. Please note, many texts online (including some Moritz texts) contain numerous inaccuracies about Vortex.  

LP, CD and other links related to the Vortex Concerts (1957-1959):"Highlights of Vortex: Electronic Experiments and Music." Various Artists. Originally released as a Folkways LP, 1959. Now in the Smithsonian Folkways Recording Collection.

 Electronic Kabuki Mambo, Henry Jacobs. CD of Highlights from Vortex. Locust Music, 2002.

Time Magazine. The Sick Machine. February 2, 1959.

Holmgren interview above includes slideshow with images of several Vortex programs.

See main Belson page for image of Hirsh oscilloscope footage used in a Vortex V presentation reel (recently restored by CVM), and details regarding an original Vortex V poster.


Cover, Vortex 5 program, 1959. Collection CVM


September-October 2011: Obits, news items on Belson's death:

"Kuchar, Belson Bid Adieu" - SF360, Sept 8

Jordan Belson, Experimental Filmmaker, Dies at 85. New York Times, by Margalit Fox, Sept 10 (reprinted in Boston Globe)

Two Great Losses to Experimental Film This Week, Canyon Cinema online News, Sept 10

Jordan Belson: Experimental Filmmaker Dies at 85. Forbes, Sept 10

Jordan Belson (1926-2011),

Jordan Belson, RIP. Cartoon Brew blog, by Amid Amidi

Experimental Animator Jordan Belson Dies. Animation World Network, by Rick DeMott, Sept 21

Senttience in Celluloid on Advaita Academy blog, by Paula Marvelly, October 1

Light years: Paying tribute to Jordan Belson's cosmic cinema. Max Goldberg, San Francisco Bay Guardian. October 18



Short Reviews and Press

"Days of Heaven and Waco: Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life". By David Sterritt, Film Quarterly. Vol 65, no. 1, Fall 2011. (Brief mention)

Movies to take Drugs To: Jordan Belson's Trippy Shorts by Michael Joshua Rowin, Los Angeles Weekly, March 24, 2011. (Contains errors: e.g. Belson was not involved with TM movement)

The Bay Area Arrives by Jonathan Kiefer, Feb. 25, 2010. On KQED Arts.

Define Intervention by Melissa Gronlund, May 6, 2009 on

Curating Contemplation by Caitlin Jones, March 11, 2009, re The Third Mind exhibition at Guggenheim.

Gaze East and Dream. Review of Guggenheim exhibition The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989, by Holland Cotter. New York Times, Feb. 1, 2009.

Jordan Belson: Films Sacred and Profane by Miss Ward. May 1, 2008. On the Belson Retrospective show in Brisbane.

Sight and Sound - DVD Review by Tom Charity. London: British Film Institute, January 2008.

DVD of the Year (2007) - Belson DVD in many Top Ten lists on - Review of Jordan Belson: Essential Films DVD by Doug Cummings, October 5, 2007

The 213 - Review of Jordan Belson: Essential Films DVD by Brad Glanden, 2007

New York Magazine. A Real Bummer, Review of Summer of Love exhibition by Jerry Saltz. June, 2007

New York Times, With Music for the Eye and Color for the Ear, July 1, 2005

Wired, Life After Darth, Issue 13.05, May 2005

Artforum, 2005 (Summer and October issues)




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