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Richard “dr.” Baily and John Buchanan: experiments in spore presents three personal art films by Baily, a Hollywood computer graphics visionary (from Tron to Fight Club, Solaris and more), assisted by John Buchanan. It features xtacism (2005), aura (2007), and Baily's Nightwaves (1977), made at Cal Arts. aura was completed posthumously by John Buchanan. Music by Richard Baily.

"These pieces are meant to be environmental background "fill" intended to enhance the space that people inhabit, and not be the foreground element in anyone's awareness, like ambient music, you can check in on it, and leave it for awhile, and check into it again with a different level of focus and concentration, and then leave it again..." - Richard "dr" Baily

"xtacism was constructed from old "footage" that i had laying around from SOLARIS and STAY, two feature film projects that i've worked on during the last 2-3 years. in this sense, it is junk art, like Herms' assemblages. there is no middle, beginning, end, it is like the river, it just keeps on going." - dr Baily


aura (excerpt) by Richard Baily and John Buchanan from CVM on Vimeo.

xtacism and aura are presented as individual films, and also looped

Excerpt from Night Waves (1977) on


DVD, 4x3, NTSC all regions. 2004 release.

Produced by CVM with the support of The Baily Family

More about Richard Baily


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