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Selected Essays & Statements by Fischinger


"Farb-Tonprobleme des Films. (Zur Vorfuhrung meines synasthetischen Films 'R5' auf dem zweiten Farbe-Tonkongress, 5.10.30, Hamburg)."

"Klingende Ornamente." Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Kraft Und Stoff. No. 30, 28 July 1932. Syndicated in other papers worldwide. English translation: Sounding Ornaments.

"My Statements are in My Work." Art in Cinema, Frank Stauffacher, ed. San Francisco: Art in Cinema Society-San Francisco Museum of Art, 1947. Reprint New York: Arno Press, 1968.

"Véritable Creation." Le Cinéma Ŕ Knokke-Le-Zoute. 1950: 35-37. English translation: True Creation

A Statement About Painting. Beverly Hills: Frank Perls Gallery, October 1951 (brochure for exhibition of Fischinger's paintings, films, etc.)

A Document concerning Painting. 1956. For an exhibition of Fischinger's paintings at the Pasadena Art Museum.


Unpublished Statements and Texts

"Eine neue Kunst: Raumlichtmusik," unpublished typescript, c. 1926

Fabrikation von Bildfilmen, unpublished typescript, n.d.

"Account of artistic creations," unpublished typescript, n.d.

About the word Experimental, c. 1949

Plan for the Coming Work, 1951


Excerpts from various Statements and Texts by Fischinger

This art emphasizes the effect of music. It is to music what wings are to birds. Figures and forms have a definite effect on the consciousness. When they are in color the effect is emphasized. The staccato movement of rows of geometrical figures on the screen will get the same reaction from a person as the staccato sounds from a musical instrument. (quoted in Weinberg, Herman G. Foreward to the Invitation Preview of the Representative Work of Oskar Fischinger, at the 5th Avenue Playhouse, New York, 1938)


Paintings mean nothing to me, and are only helpful studies for my films. (1946)






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