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CVM's Fischinger pages: Animation Drawings, Cels and Process Material


An American March

Section from graphic notated score, planning animation. Collection CVM, gift of Fischinger Trust


Designs for head title and credits. Collection CVM, gift of Fischinger Trust


Gaspar Color tests

From a series of Gaspar Color tests, c. 1933, on 35mm nitrate film



Ornament Sound

From series of animation drawings (likely unshot), paint on paper, Collection Center for Visual Music..
Installation view at The Unfinished Film, Gladstone Gallery, New York, 2011. Photo courtesy Gladstone Gallery.




os display

CVM-curated display of materials from Ornament Sound and later synthetic sound experiments (foreground) at EYE, Amsterdam 2012, plus notated graphic scores. Items from the collection of CVM.


Original strips from the c. 1932 Ornament Sound experiments, Collection CVM, gift of Fischinger Trust.



A note found, without photos

Also see our Lumigraph page.



Studie nr. 7

Original title card. Stamped number upper left is Estate number, not Oskar's.


Studie nr. 8

Head credit from "Dutch" version of Studie nr 8, screened at de Uitkijk Theatre, Amsterdam, early 1930s




  Fischinger began work on this film at Paramount, though it was not completed there.

See Correspondence page for more from Allegretto


Radio Dynamics

Oil on English Silk, c. 1940. Collection and (c) Center for Visual Music



Oil on English silk, 1940. Wichner collection, Long Beach Museum of Art



Walking from Munich to Berlin

Below, maps drawn by Fischinger on back of an envelope. Above, address on front of envelope.


Link for Map 2


Motion Painting No. 1

Motion Painting panels being installed for Optische Poesie exhibition at Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, 1993.
Photo courtesy Barbara Fischinger, from the Collection of Center for Visual Music




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